Convert your STL to STEP

Have an STL, but need a STEP?  We feel your pain...better yet,

we can help.

> As low as $150 / file

> US-based Engineers

> Files kept cofidential, NDAs available

> Request a Surface or Solid Body

> No project too big or too small

> Covert STL, OBJ or any mesh format

> Perfect for 3D Scan to CAD 

> Save $$, no new software needed


Rest Assured. We can do this. Fast.

Our experienced engineers have helped customers with generation STEP data for use with CAD tools like Solidworks, Creo, ProE, Autodesk Inventor and many others. 


As you have learned, likely the hard way, there is no one-button press to convert a STL (or OBJ) to STEP for use in CAD software. We have the software tools and skills to get this done for you the right way.

Step 1: Request a Quote

We will promptly respond to learn more about your project.  All you need to do is send us the STL file for review.

Step 2: Sit Back and Relax

Our engineers can get started on your project right away.  Most conversions take less than a day to complete.  We will securely email you your STEP file when it is complete.

We believe that engineers should focus thier energy on engineering problems. When it comes to STL data, we will take care of the rest.

Alex Hussain

CEO at 3DChimera

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